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Toby enjoying his new Dogger Pet Stroller.

Top Five Dog Stoller Review

Let’s review a few dog strollers and the features you might look for in a dog stroller. Toby has tried quite a few at Stollers Are Us. Looking at the available strollers on, you might think strollers are in high demand. Certainly, you see more and more dogs strolling past these days. Whether for health, age issues, or your dog just doesn’t dig walking around as much as you do, there are quite a few options out there.

As for why you would want to put your dog in a stroller or backpack, see the funny story here, Stroller Talk (Toby found it amusing anyway).


Dog Strollers: Size Matters

Pet stroller in trunk
Fitting this HPZ Pet stroller in trunk was a challenge. Lack of instructions led to difficulty in figuring out how to collapse it.

Part of picking a stroller out begins with size. Do you need a stroller for a French Bulldog or a Pekinese? Maybe you have a pack of Chihuahuas, we don’t know. But it’s wise not to trust the look of the photos. Check the measurements in the specs to determine which stroller is right for your dog(s).

The size and sturdiness of a dog stroller will certainly add to the weight, so there is a happy medium to reach. Too light and it will bounce around on sidewalk cracks. Too heavy, and you’ll have a tough time putting it in your car, on the plane, etc.

The bottom line is, don’t get more stroller than you need. Sure, it’s good to double up as a grocery cart, but that’s not its main objective (or is it?)

Wheels Matter, Too!

As we often travel to Europe with Toby, we run into some pretty rough territory. Equated to skiing terms, the sidewalks in America are green run groomers, as the cobblestones of medieval pedestrian zones in Europe are off-piste black diamonds. Piste is a French term, track. Did you know that? Sure you did. Better get back on it here.

For those off-piste moments, you want to be able to let the air out of the tires to give your dog a smooth ride. Plastic wheels and even rubber ones that don’t deflate will give a rickety wrackety ride.

dog stroller wheels

3 Wheels or 4?

That’s easy; three. Even the best-aligned three-wheeler can give the wobbles when you want to take your dog along for a jog, or perhaps after you’ve had too many cups of Joe and you’re late for your grooming appointment. Lightning is striking all around you – a number of reasons why to have a stroller that won’t have conniptions when run up to speed. Your three wheels had better have good alignment. Four wheels, with the two small ones up front, are not made to jog. Up to speed, they ride like a poorly misaligned front end on a Ford Gremlin after running into a few potholes.

wheels 4 stroller

What about Dog Stroller Shocks?

Now, Toby only weights 17 pounds, so he doesn’t really put enough weight into the shocks to merit them. It is easy to imagine that a Pit Bull might, but if we were to suggest anything to the makers of these dog buggies, it would be to have softer shocks, and perhaps interchangable shocks for dogs of different weights or multipalities. Not a word, got it… number of dogs in one stroller. But even one who makes up words can’t imagine that multiple dogs would add up to put enough pressure on the springs for them to really matter.

Dog stroller shocks

Know when to Fold em'

folded dog stroller
Dogger folds up nicely, but the Gen 7 wins this one, due to smaller wheels.

How well your dog stroller folds can make it or break with some strollers.



1. Dogger: The Rolls Royce of Dog Strollers.     $349 Made in Canada, eh!    Weighs 29 pounds      Supports up to 60 pounds.

Dogger Dog Stroller

Upsides: Wheels. No better wheels on the market. Easy to inflate, deflate (we use a ___). Rolls very nicely over obstacles. Versatile canopy. Comes with nicely fitted raincoat. Bed is designed higher than any other, which dog seems to like being closer to us. Sturdy frame, nice curved handled. Easy to fold, compact. Not too heavy (but not the lightest… it’s a payoff). Two year warranty. Adjustable handlebar and front of bed drops down for max visibility (and a screen if left up to see through when dog is laying down).

Downsides: Shocks are too stiff, might as well not have them. No cup holder (easy fix by buying this ___). Storage basket, while easily accessible, is small and not enclosed. Colors are retched. We went with the tan as it is less retched, but easy to dirt. Expensive. Logo is obnoxious, but at least people know that there’s not a furry child onboard. Bed would be too small for any dog bigger than Toby (but for Toby, fits just right). Bed walls seem too low. With an extra pad we place inside, Toby looks like he could fall out unless we put the cover down. As he is higher up, the stroller is more likely to fall and the higher you fall…


2. GEN 7: This is the bargain basement dog stroller. Oh wait, it’s up to $320 dollars now! We bought our at $200 in 2020. That’s inflation for you. Weighs 25 pounds. Max recommended dog weight: 50 lbs. Made in China

Toby in Gen 7 Stroller

Upsides: It’s one of the lightest out there, with a big bottom compartment that’s well-concealed. The color blue is pretty fantastic. It encloses fully. With the front hood screen zipped, people don’t think you’re crazy, don’t ask awkward questions, and don’t wrinkle up the cutesy nose. They think you have a baby inside. Cars will actually brake for you to let you cross. Plastic wheels can’t puncture, don’t need pump. Shocks are sensitive, good for smaller dogs. Deep well, keeps dogs safe inside. Mesh window in front for dog to see through when lying down. Cup holders and camera holder. Easy to fold and put in car. Seems to tolerate sand and stuff as axels are really not there. Blue color is nice.

Downsides: Plastic EVA foam wheels don’t deflate, quite a bumpy ride on cobbles and cracked sidewalks. A little short on the handle extension for tall people. Does not come with a rain fly (just throw a rain jacket on top). Wheels get wobbly with time. Bad customer service. China. Amazon states the Red model is only 8 pounds, and 20 dollars cheaper. Has to be wrong on the weight. Maybe 8 Chinese pounds?


3. HPZ JOGGER: Good jogging stroller for medium-sized dogs  $399.  Made in USA and “Overseas”

HPV Jogger stroller

Upsides: Giant Inflatable/deflatable wheels. Great jogger. Good shocks. Sturdy frame construction. Nice enough looking. Big bed. Can use it for hauling groceries in towns where walking is a better option, and with a smaller dog, fit both.

Downsides: Expensive. Heavy. Doesn’t fold compactly. Too big for smaller dog. Some Ikea type assembly is required (no instructions, just photos). Smaller undercargo

4. HPZ Pet Rover Titan-HD Premium Super-Sized Stroller: Biggest of the bunch. $389  Weighs 38 pounds. Will hold dog up to 100 pounds. 


5. BOOYAH Stroller/Bike Carrier: $250 #383 in Dog Strollers 17 kg Made in San Ramon, CA (or China?). Weighs 37 pounds (for few hounds). Supports 40 pounds

Booyah dog stroller

Upsides: Cheap price. Can hitch it to a bike. Big, inflatable/deflatable wheels. Roll down rain flap. Reflectors on wheels. Low to ground bed for stability. Nice color blue, or go for loud green.

Downsides: Top does not open up entirely. Not a tall interior, some dogs won’t be able to stand up. Cheap construction (perhaps designed in San Ramon and warehoused, but thinking made overseas by little small underpaid dogs). Hard to get them into the stroller. Doesn’t fold up. Bed needs padding (to avoid holes for dog’s leg to poke through and break). Heavy. Biking with your dog can be dangerous (but better than biking with our dog running alongside, sheesh). No place to store stuff below (but a place to put your phone on the side with cup holder optional accessory).


But what do we know? Our Worst Rated is Amazon’s #1 selling Top Rated, the BestPet 3 Wheels Pet Stroller Dog Cat Cage Jogger Stroller for Medium Small Dogs Cats. At $26.99, you should get what you pay for.

worst dog stroller

Upsides: It’s $27. Light

Downsides: Wheels. Could only hold a chihuahua in a shopping mall. In black, looks like something banned in French schools. 

Here’s what Amazon recommends for frequently bought for that stroller, lol:

We’re a big fan of this for your dog for air travel and cool strolling on hot summer days:

Dog in stroller with fan
dog stroller cup handles

 And to go with your Dogger, two cupholders for your local made coffoffeee.

To pump your tires, even your car, this thing is great!

Dog Stroller Review Summary

If you’ve got the dough, we recommend the Dogger as the smooth ride is the most important thing for our Toby. Toby’s travels take us on some pretty rough rides! A big dog? Get the HPZ. Going biking with your dog? Get the Booyah. 

At the end of the day, and most typically at the end of the day, both a backpack and a stroller are great things to have along if your dog doesn’t walk as much as you do. Some dogs will walk till they drop, just as others will eat themselves to oblivion, so give them a break when they get on in years, and yourself as you do.

If you find this review informational, entertaining, or just hate it, let us know in the comments! If you buy one by clicking on any of the links, Amazon throws us a bone! And if you start your Amazon journey by clicking on anything on this website, anything you buy for the following 24 hours, no matter what it is, we get a bone for reminding you to shop on Amazon. We appreciate your paying forward our travels!

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