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bathroom with photo

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Return to Pamplona, written by Jonathan Weston, is the first book of The Hemingway Trilogy. It is a fictional account of Hemingway’s return to Pamplona with characters from his book, The Sun Also Rise, ten years after publishing and on the eve of the beginning of the Spanish Civil War. Click link, read an excerpt.

Here are two versions of Maui Glory Days, with photography and words by Jonathan Weston. The one is with B&W photos, the more expensive one has the photos all in color. Bezos makes more on this one, but the experience is worth it. Color is only available through, not .eu, .jp etc. There is also a Kindle version or two, you just have to find the “more versions” link. Read a few pages for free and see all 70 5-Star Reviews by clicking the link. All proceeds support Toby’s travels! For more information about the book, visit